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Comprehensive Buying Guide To Engagement Rings Dayton Ohio


Hello and welcome to Dayton Jewelers. Are you on the verge of changing the entirety of your life, by getting wed to the most amazing person in the entire world? Congratulations! Of course, you’re not there yet! You’ve still got a lot of planning to do. Most notably, it is imperative to find a sufficient wedding ring for your significant other.

You want to put a big smile on your bride’s face and there is truly no better way to do that than by presenting her a marvelous wedding ring. Within this guide, you will learn how to shop for engagement rings Dayton Ohio.


Preferences And Budget


Before jumping into the specifics, you should know precisely what your girlfriend wants and how much you can realistically spend. These two will go hand in hand. Setting a budget and remaining loyal to that figure is incredibly important. As long as you fulfill all of your fiancée’s preferences and desires, it truly will not matter how much is spent on the engagement rings Dayton Ohio


Appropriate Timing


You should know that planning ahead is always wise. In fact, you should attempt to purchase a wedding ring at least two months before the ceremony. Doing so will provide you with a sufficient amount of time to make changes, if necessary. You may also be able to take advantage of financing options and could potentially have the ring paid off, before the ceremony arrives.


Metal Choices


When delving into the specifics, you will find that wedding rings can vary widely. There are many differentials and you will want to start with the metal. Opting for a traditional yellow gold ring is always acceptable, but you should at least explore the other options.

Many women will like a white gold, palladium or platinum. Take note of the jewelry your girlfriend generally wears and use this to your advantage.




Eventually, you will make your way to the diamond. This is undoubtedly where the majority of men will put the most effort and money. When attempting to evaluate a diamond, you should refer to the four C’s, which stand for carat, cut, color and clarity. These will be examined in further depth below.


  • Carat – This is simply the weight of the diamond
  • Cut – The depth and width
  • Color – As implied, it refers to the diamond’s color or lack of color
  • Clarity – Refers to the diamond’s inclusions or blemishes


Of course, the differentials do not end there either. You should consider the shape, as well. Round and princess cuts are undeniably the most popular amongst modern women.




Finally, you will need to choose a setting, which will hold your diamond. In this area, you will have a handful of different choices, including prong, channel, pave, bezel, tension, and cluster.

This one can be rather tricky and it is generally best to choose a setting, which best aligns your budget. As long as the diamonds remain visible and shiny, you should be fine in this regard.




Getting married can be immensely exciting and you might find yourself getting overly anxious. Slow down and take your time! Give yourself a few good months to shop for a wedding ring and put in plenty of effort. This will help to solidify your relationship and show your significant other that you wholeheartedly care!

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